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Terms & Conditions


1 Introduction

1.1. The website is an online store for the exhibition and sale of products and services via the Internet, which was created by the anonymous company under the name "KARAMOUTAS IOANNIS", which is based in Nigrita Serron (Nigrita, P.K. 62200, Greece), with A.F.M. 0398947473, D.O.Y. Serres, as legally represented, tel. 23220-22855, e-mail [email protected] (hereinafter "the Company").

1.2. The use of the online store and making purchases through it is governed by the following terms and conditions. Before entering and using the online store, read carefully and make sure that you fully understand and agree to its terms and conditions, as every user who enters and uses the products of the online store is considered to consents and expressly and unconditionally accepts its terms of use, without being able to plead ignorance of them. If a user does not agree with these terms, he must refrain from further use of the online store and from any transaction through it.

1.3. In the event that the use of any service of the online store is governed by more specific terms of use, these specific terms will apply in addition to these General Terms of Use. In the event of a conflict between the General Terms of Use of the online store and the specific terms of individual services, the specific terms of each service will prevail.

1.4. The Company may temporarily and/or permanently suspend the operation of the online store for any reason and at any time. Also, the Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify at any time the content of the online store, as well as its present terms of use, and will inform users accordingly through this website. The use of the online store after the posting of the revised terms of use constitutes binding acceptance of them. Any modification does not affect orders already placed for execution.

1.5. The use of the online store by minors or persons lacking legal capacity is prohibited. By entering the online store, you declare that you are an adult and that you have legal capacity, and you undertake that you will not allow the use of your details and your login codes by minors or persons lacking legal capacity. If such use is made of your details and passwords, you are responsible. For this reason please observe the basic rules of internet transaction security.

1.6. To use the online store, the user is required to follow the instructions for registering in the Company's online store,, that is, to provide the information requested in each field in the relevant area marked "Registration", or similar. It is the user's own responsibility to update the data he entered in his initial registration and is responsible for the truth of this for as long as he remains registered, whether he uses the online store or not.

1.7. All transactions carried out through the Company's online store,, are governed by Greek and European law, which regulates issues related to electronic commerce, as well as by the Consumer Protection Law (law 2251/1994, as applicable from time to time), which governs distance sales of products.

1.8. For any dispute that may arise in relation to, or on the occasion of using, the Company's online store,, the courts of Serres are exclusively competent to resolve it.

2. Information and Products Provided

2.1. The Company is committed to the quality, completeness and validity of both the information listed in its online store, as well as to the essential characteristics of the products described therein, as well as to the accuracy of the information provided by the online store of the Company services, but also in the Company itself. In the context of good faith, the Company is not responsible for errors of a technical or typographical nature, which may have occurred unintentionally or due to interruptions in the operation of the website due to force majeure.

2.2. Taking into account the nature of transactions through an online store, the Company will make every reasonable effort to immediately update the system in case of any change in the information provided and to avoid cases of errors (by mistake) in their entry. However, for the safety of transactions in the event that a product shows an unusually low or high price in relation to its market value, before proceeding to order it, you can contact