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Wellcome to KARAMOUTAS technical multi eshop!

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Telephone Orders at (+30)2322022855

Karamoutas Ioannis

The company Karamoutas Ioannis is based in its privately owned facilities located at the 1st km of Nigritas-Serres. It is active in the field of trade in timber and industrial timber, kitchenware and furniture as well as paints, hardware, tools and insulation materials. It was founded in 1974 by Euripides Karamoutas and took its current form in 2008.

In a perfect showroom you will find innovative wood products, counters and work surfaces, melamines, high quality doors from leading companies as well as a complete collection of furniture accessories (wardrobe and drawer guides, hinges, hinges, knobs, handles kitchen cabinets, etc.) but also in terms of the equipment of a kitchen up to its sinks and faucets.

You can also choose floors, suitable for indoor or outdoor areas, as well as interior doors in the dimensions you want.

The store has a processing department with modern mechanical equipment for cutting surfaces and gluing margins.

Our range of materials is constantly enriched according to the latest market standards, so that we can give the best possible solution to all our customers. We cooperate with the largest companies for the production and import of industrial timber.